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alt By using technological advances that have occurred during the last decade, marine data, products, and tools can now be offered to a multitude of customers to assist them in decision making on a local, regional, and global basis. NOAA has expanded its suite of products derived from chart data to include those that are geographic information system (GIS) user-friendly for the non-navigational user group. These data are important for many applications besides charting. For example, coastal zone managers are requesting these data to evaluate the impacts of growing coastal communities, determine the influence of pollutants, and appraise beach replenishment. The data are also used by government agencies and the academic community in the modeling of tides and currents, predicting hazardous algal blooms, responding to disasters, and assisting in fisheries research and monitoring.
Products for GIS
   •  NOAA ENC Direct to GIS
   •  Raster Navigational Charts: NOAA RNC®
   •  NOAA's Seamless Raster Navigational Chart
   •  U.S. Maritime Zones/Boundaries
   •  nowCOAST
Historical Products
   •  Historical Maps and Charts
GIS Services and Tools
   •  VDatum Transformation Tool
   •  Web Mapping and Feature Services
   •  ENC Handler for Arc /View
   •  RNC Handler for Arc /View
   •  North Amer. Horiz. Datum Conversion Utility
   •  Seamless Raster Chart Server & Web Map Services
Learn About
   •  Law of the Sea
   •  Differences Between ENC and ENC Direct to GIS
   •  Maritime Limits White Paper
   •  Datums and Transformations
   •  Geospatial Applications of Hydrodynamic Models
   •  Sea Level Change
Data Portals
   •  nowCOAST: Real-Time Coastal Data Map Portal
   •  NOS Data Explorer
   •  NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center
   •  NOAA's Coastal Service Center
   •  Technical Reports & Publications
   •  Coast Survey Partners

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