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alt Do you need ocean information for projects that have nothing to do with ships? Coast Survey uses nautical charting data to produce GIS-friendly products for a world of uses outside of navigation. Find the product or tool that supports your application.

Use electronic navigational chart theme layers that show locations of various area types, i.e., anchorages, disposal areas, precautionary areas, shipping lanes, etc.

Get standardized nautical chart tilesets from the NOAA Chart Tile Service.

Use digital data from hydrographic surveys, free, from NOAA’s National Geophysical Data Center.

Get the digital data for U.S. maritime limits and boundaries.

Services and Tools

See a continuous depiction of electronic navigational charts on NOAA ENC Online.

View geospatial data on our Web Mapping Services.

Use the Seamless Raster Navigational Chart Service as a basemap.

Use VDatum to convert data from different references into a common geospatial reference system.

Convert NOAA raster navigational charts between 30 different projections with the Nautical Chart Reprojector.

Transform latitude and longitude coordinates between two geodetic coordinate systems using the NGS North American Datum Conversion Utility.

Locate wrecks and obstructions on the viewer; click to obtain troves of information from the database.
Data Portals

Use nowCOAST for real-time coastal environmental observations and forecasts.

Display, query, and download electronic chart data with ENC Direct to GIS.

Access NOAA's distributed geospatial data, services, and applications at the National Geoplatform.

Navigate safely into ports with the real-time observations, forecasts and other information provided by the Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System (PORTS).

Download survey data from the Bathymetry Data Viewer. The National Geophysical Data Center also archives digital elevation models at this portal.

Use Digital Coast to conserve natural resources and make coastal communities more resilient.

Find current and forecasted coastal environmental data at the Operational Forecast System.

Historical references

Browse the Historical Map & Chart Collection. Search more than 35,000 images, covering 200 years.

Download historical publications, including The American Coast Pilot (1796) and Notes on the Coast (1861).


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