Research & Development
3-D picture of Coastal Model NOAA’s Coast Survey Development Laboratory explores, develops, and transitions emerging technologies and techniques of charting, hydrographic, and oceanographic systems used by the Coast Survey and NOAA to support safe and efficient marine navigation and a healthy and sustainable coastal environment. From looking at new methods of obtaining accurate depth data using autonomous underwater vehicles and interferometric side scan sonars to the development of models that provide forecast guidance to the Nation’s shipping community and others, a variety of interesting projects and experimental products are available here for review.
Experimental Products / Prototypes
   •  Water Level and Current Forecast Guidance
Hydrographic Support
   •  Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV)
   •  Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)
   •  Phase Differencing Bathymetric Sonar (PDBS)
   •  Sound Velocity Profiler
   •  Tidal Corrector Application (TCARI)
Products and Database Development
   •  Coast Pilot Relational Database
   •  VDatum Enhancements
   •  Coastal Digital Elevation Models
   •  nowCOAST
   •  ENC Overlays: Prototypes
Coastal & Estuarine Ocean Modeling
   •  Forecast System Modeling
   •  Inundation Modeling
   •  Ecological Modeling Applications
   •  Community Modeling & Standards
   •  Model Evaluation Environment
Learn About
   •  Hydrographic Survey Equipment
   •  Datums and Transformations
   •  How Hydrodynamic Models Are Used
   •  Technical Reports & Publications
   •  Standards and Requirements
Data Portals
   •  nowCOAST: Real-Time Coastal Data Map Portal
   •  Tides and Currents (General)
   •  Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System (PORTS)
   •  Operational Forecast Systems
   •  Sea Nettle Forecast Guidance
   •  North Amer. Horiz. Datum Conversion Utility
   •  Univ. of New Hampshire Joint Hydrographic Center

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