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Bathymetric Warehouse
Graphic showing color contoured depths in a harbor generated from bathymetric data.  Coast Survey is developing a project to create a comprehensive spatial database of hydrographic surveys.  This database will be unique in that the survey data will be corrected for differences in horizontal and vertical datums to provide a uniform data set.  Such data has been used to produce combined bathymetric/topographic maps that can be used for inundation modeling for studying the effects of sea level rise, tsunamis, or storm surge.

Tools will eventually be developed to more easily produce gridded data sets supporting navigational products.  These tools will allow Coast Survey to use the most modern, high-resolution multibeam and LIDAR surveys in combination with older, single-beam data to produce more consistent and detailed navigation products.  Eventually, the system will house both historic data in the spatial database and the newer surveys in a grid database, thus creating the Bathymetric Warehouse.

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