NOAA ENC Direct to GIS  NOAA Office of Coast Survey

Textual Extraction Form


Step 1: Select the chart resolution from the following that best represents the scale of the project.

  Name Resolution
  Overview smaller than 1:1,500,000
  General 1:600,001 – 1:1,500,000
  Coastal 1:150,001 – 1:600,000
  Approach 1:50,001 – 1:150,000
  Harbour 1:5,000 – 1:50,000
  Berthing larger than 1:5,000

Step 2:  On the next page you will need to input the bounding box of the area as a polygon in decimal degrees.  West and South would be represented by negative values.
Bounding Box

Step 3: Select which Object Classes you would like to download.  Object Classes are broken into polygons, lines, or point features.

Step 4: The extraction will be provided as an ESRI Shape file.

Step 5:  Select Run Workspace

The process could take several minutes depending on the size of the area and the amount of features requested.  When the process is completed an FME window will appear with a link to a compressed zip file that can be downloaded.

Note: ENCDirect to GIS Text extract is currently down due to a server upgrade, to extract data please use the encdirect viewer or submit an inquiry.

Page last edited: December 22, 2015