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Credits to Partners and Cooperating Organizations

Credits to Partners or Cooperating Organizations:

This web portal relies on links to websites operated by various federal government agencies and universities. We wish to acknowledge the following agencies and organizations which have given us metadata on their stations or forecast locations, provided us with shapefiles of forecast zones, provided significant feedback, and/or created Web pages for us to link to.

  • NOAA: National Weather Service
    - Meteorological Development Laboratory
    - Model Output Statistics Group
    - National Digital Forecast Database Group
    - Marine and Coastal Services Branch
    - Baltimore-Washington Weather Forecast Office
  • NOAA: National Ocean Service
    - Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services
    - Management and Budget Office: Special Projects Office
    - HAZMAT Group
  • Partners
    - Univ. of Maryland's Chesapeake Bay Observing System
    - Maryland's Dept. of Natural Resources Rutgers University LEO
    - University of New Hampshire's Dept. of Geography
    - EPA/Univ. of Connecticut's mySound EMPACT Network
    - United States Geological Survey's NWIS
    - United States Coast Guard
    - Dept. of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory
    - Long Island Shore Observing Network
    - Prince William Sound Oil Spill Recovery Network

We would like to thank Sarah Maxwell and Allison Thomson for contributing to the early version of this web portal.

The development of the web portal was made possible thanks to a two-year grant from the NOAA/Environmental Services Data and Information Management (ESDIM) Program.

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