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Download AWOIS Data

Automated Wreck and Obstruction Information System Map of US coastal areas showing 16 regions along coastal areas and Great Lakes where you can download AWOIS items.

A Atlantic Coast Canadian Border to Cape Cod (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
B   Cape Cod to Sandy Hook (Includes Long Island Sound, New York Harbor, and the Hudson River below Troy) (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
C   Sandy Hook to Cape May (Includes south shore of Long
(Wrecks) (Obstructions)
D   Cape May to Cape Hatteras (Includes Delaware Bay) (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
E   Chesapeake Bay (Includes all charted tributary waters) (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
F   Cape Hatteras to Cape Fear (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
G   Cape Fear to Cape Canaveral (Including St. Johns River) (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
H   Cape Canaveral to Fort Myers (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
I   Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
J Gulf of Mexico Fort Myers to Mississippi River (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
K   Mississippi River to Mexican Border (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
L Pacific Coast Mexican Border to Point Reyes (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
M   Point Reyes to Yaquina Head (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
N   Yaquina Head to Canadian Border (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
O Alaska Canadian Border to Point Manby (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
P   Point Manby to Unimak Pass (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
Q   Aleutian Islands (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
R   Unimak Pass to Seward Peninsula (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
S   Seward Peninsula to Canadian Border (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
T Pacific Ocean Pacific Islands (Hawaii, Samoa, Guam, Marianas, etc.) (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
U Inland Waters Lake Champlain & New York State Barge Canal System (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
V   St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, & Lower Niagara River (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
W   Upper Niagara River, Lake Erie, Detroit River, Lake St. Clair,& St. Clair River (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
X   Lake Huron & St. Marys River (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
Y   Lake Michigan, Lower Fox River, & Lake Winnebago (Wrecks) (Obstructions)
Z   Lake Superior, Lake of the Woods, Rainy Lake, & Minnesota-Ontario Border Lakes (Wrecks) (Obstructions)


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