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Shore and Sea Boundaries: Shalowitz

Shore and Sea Boundaries by Aaron L. Shalowitz and Michael W. Reed

Hardcover books of Shore and Sea Boundaries with transparent verbiage superimposed over picture  This three volume publication summarizes the technical and legal aspects of determining maritime boundaries in the U.S., particularly with respect to the use of data acquired by the Office of Coast Survey and its predecessors. Volumes One and Two were published in 1962 and 1964, respectively, and are considered to be two of the most important references available to the coastal and maritime community.

Volume One addresses boundary aspects of the Submerged Lands Cases, the subsequent Submerged Lands Acts of 1953, and the maritime boundary developments of the U.N. Conferences on Law of the Sea.

Volume Two concerns the use and interpretation of Coast and Geodetic Survey data, particularly the early surveys and charts, with special emphasis on those features and aspects that have legal significance.

Volume Three, published in 2000, documents Supreme Court decisions and the resulting legal principles that have occurred since the publication of the earlier volumes.

Unfortunately, all three volumes are out of print. However, in response to the continued requests for copies, the contents of all three volumes are available below for viewing using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

For further information contact us.

Volume 1


    The Forward


    Table of Contents

    Introductions to Volume One

Part 1 Chapter 1--Legal Background

Part1 Chapter 2--Technical Background

Part 1 Chapter 3--Applicable Principles of International Law

Part 1 Chapter 4--Inland Waters Problem

Part 1 Chapter 5--Offshore Islands Problem

Part 1 Chapter 6--Tidal Boundary Problem

Part 1 Chapter 7--Overall Findings of the Special Master

Part 2 Chapter 1--Submerged Lands Act (P.L. 31)

Part 2 Chapter 2--Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (P.L. 212)

Part 3 Chapter 1-- The International Law Commission

Part 3 Chapter 2-- United Nations Conferences on the Law of the Sea

Appendixes A - K


Volume 2


    About the Author


    Table of Contents

Part 1 Chapter 1--The United States Coast and Geodetic Survey

Part 1 Chapter 2--Available Technical Data

Part 2 Chapter 1--Introductory

Part 2 Chapter 2--Geographic Datums

Part 2 Chapter 3--Multiple Projection Lines on Early Surveys

Part 2 Chapter 4--Analysis and Interpretation of Topographic Surveys

Part 2 Chapter 5--Analysis and Interpretation of Hydrographic Surveys

Part 2 Chapter 6--Interpretation and Use of Nautical Charts

Part 3 Chapter 1--General Considerations

Part 3 Chapter 2--Judicial Structure in the United States

Part 3 Chapter 3--Land Ownership in the United States

Part 3 Chapter 4--Some Legal Aspects of the Bureau's Work

Appendixes A - G


Volume 3





    Table of Contents


Part One - The Tidelands Litigation

Part Two - Delimiting Maritime Boundaries

Part Three - Litigating a Tidelands Case

Appendix A-Glossary of Terms Used

Appendix B-Table of Authorities

Appendix C-Submerged Lands Act (Relevant Provisions)

Appendix D-Federal Statutes Affected

Appendix E-Baseline Provisions of the 1958 and 1982 Conventions Compared

Appendix F-Coastline Community Charter

Appendix G-Presidential Proclamation No. 5928 of December 29, 1988
Claiming a 12-Mile Territorial Sea for the United States

Appendix H-Presidential Proclamation No. 7219 of August 2, 1999
The Contiguous Zone of the United States


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