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Survey Vessels

NOAA operates four large ships dedicated to hydrographic surveying: Fairweather, Ferdinand R. Hassler, Rainier, and Thomas Jefferson. Each ship is equipped with the latest echo sounding technology to measure water depth and identify submerged hazards to navigation. The Fairweather, Rainier and Thomas Jefferson also have 2-6 smaller boats (called launches) that are lowered into the water for surveying in shallow areas.

Coast Survey’s research vessel Bay Hydro II, based in the Chesapeake Bay, also conducts surveys. It shares many of the features of the larger ships, and has the additional responsibility to test and evaluate new hydrographic survey technologies.

Coast Survey deploys six navigation response teams equipped with small boats that generally survey port areas. These two- or three-person teams may be mobilized from their normal duties to respond to port closures after hurricanes and other emergencies.
Picture of NOAA Ship Rainier with mountain in background.      Picture of NOAA Ship FAIRWEATHER with foggy mountain in background.
NOAA Ship Rainier
  NOAA Ship Fairweather
Picture of NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson underway.   Picture of NOAA S/V Bay Hydrographer underway.
NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson   NOAA R/V Bay Hydro II
Picture of NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson underway.   Picture of small boat operated by Navigation Response Team.
NOAA Ship Ferdinand R. Hassler   Navigation Response Teams

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