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Rainier Petersburg Obstruction

Multibeam data showing submerged obstruction with approximate depth to sea floor being 3 meters.
Multibeam data showing submerged obstruction

Existing Aton Tower, not submerged.

While conducting hydrographic survey operations near Petersburg, Alaska in 2006 the NOAA Ship Rainier located a submerged obstruction just outside the channel boundaries. The Wrangell Narrows Channel experiences heavy traffic and is used extensively by Alaska State Ferries, U.S. Coast Guard Cutters, fishing vessels, tug and barge traffic, and small cruise ships. A dive team identified the obstruction as a submerged Aid to Navigation (ATON) tower lying on its side. Multibeam and diver’s least depth gauge readings agreed on a least depth of 12 feet in an area charted as 22.  A Danger to Navigation report was submitted for inclusion in the Notice to Mariner publications. Data from the survey will be used to update the chart and navigational products for the area.  

 Project location showing multibeam coverage through Wrangell Narrows and the location of the sumberged Aton.

Existing Aton Tower

Location of submerged Aton in relation to 
Wrangell Narrows and Petersburg, AK

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