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Quartermaster Harbor
NOAA Ship Rainier NOAA Ship Rainier surveyed Quartermaster Harbor in Puget Sound, Washington, in April 2007. This survey combined complete multibeam echo sounder coverage with side scan sonar imagery in inshore areas. Numerous wrecks, obstructions and other submerged debris were found, a section of which are presented here. Several of these items where published as Dangers to Navigation.

Rainier completed field work for this survey (H11551) in four days. Completed survey data was delivered to the Pacific Hydrographic Branch for final processing and evaluation less than 30 days after the completion of data acquisition. Data from this survey will be used to update the nautical chart.
Quartermaster Harbor, Vashon Island, WA; Project OPR-N395-RA-07, Survey H11551; NOAA Ship Rainier (s221); April 10-14, 2007
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