Lt. Cmdr. Meghan McGovern

Contact Info

Office: 401-782-3252
Fax: 401-782-3292
Location: Northeast
Lt. Cmdr. Meghan McGovern is the NOAA Navigation Manager for the Northeast region, including the port of New York/New Jersey, and all ports north to Eastport, Maine. Lt. Cmdr. McGovern has had two sea tours on the NOAA Ship Rainier, a hydrographic survey vessel, and served in the​ ​position of Benthic Mapping Specialist with NOAA's Alaska Fisheries Science Center.

Originally from Winthrop, Massachusetts, Lt. Cmdr. McGovern​ ​is glad to be on the East Coast and closer to family, after spending nearly nine years in the Pacific​ ​Northwest and Alaska.