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Larry Whiting

• South Dakota School of Mines and Technology /1960-1962/ Studied Civil Engineering

• Hydrographic Surveying for Nautical Charting /1997/Old Dominion University – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Certifications and Registrations
1988/Alaska Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) No. 7618

1995/American Congress on Surveying and Mapping Certified Inshore Hydrographer No. 175

Larry M. Whiting has 28 years of direct technical responsibility for hydrographic surveying of navigable channels and harbors and near shore bathymetry. He is an ACSM Certified Inshore Hydrographic Surveyor and an Alaska-Professional registered Land Surveyor.

Mr. Whiting is an owner of Terra Surveys, LLC. He is responsible for the operations, management and development of Terra Surveys, LLC. His extensive experience is utilized in planning and administering all projects under the diverse and difficult conditions of Alaska. Mr. Whiting has been responsible for negotiating contracts and work orders; scheduling personnel and equipment; overall technical and administrative supervision and quality control.

Mr. Whiting’s experience with Hydrographic Surveying for Nautical Charting includes National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration, National Ocean Services (NOAA) projects. He was the project manager on two term contracts, 50-DGNC-8-90021 (2 years, 7 Task Orders) and 50-DGNC-0-90003 (3 years, 8 Task Orders), both completed with excellent ratings. As Terra Surveys, LLC’s Director of Business Development, he is helping negotiate a third, five year ID/IQ term contract with NOAA.

At Terra Surveys, LLC he was the project manager during the completion of two term contracts (DACW85-95-D-00?? and DACW85-98-D-00??) with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) – Alaska District (6 years, 35 work orders, 71 projects). Both were completed with excellent ratings. Prior to Terra Surveys, LLC, he was the project manager for LCMF Ltd. during the satisfactory completion of two term contracts (DACW85-91-D-0006 and DACW85-93-D-0016) with the USACE – Alaska District (5 years, 29 work orders, 51 projects).

1994 to Present Partner of Terra Surveys, LLC,
Mr. Whiting is the Director of Business Development and Managing Member for Terra Surveys, LLC. He develops and reviews survey plans to ensure all requirements for accuracy and precision are met and has written comprehensive documents on quality control for in-house use. Helped with the in-house development of multibeam survey procedures and techniques utilized by the Terra Hydrographic Suite of Programs for Quality control. During the initial implementation of the Global Positioning System (GPS), he helped develop an integrated offshore positioning and hydrographic data collection package capable of using GPS positioning, radio ranges, and range azimuth for horizontal position while simultaneously collecting bathymetric data. International projects involved GPS positioning and hydrographic surveys for offshore oil production development in Angola, Africa and offshore China.

1990 – 1994 Partner in LCMF Ltd., Mr. Whiting was responsible for the hydrographic and GPS surveys conducted by LCMF. He was the project manager for LCMF during the completion of two term contracts, totaling 5 years, with the USACE. Hydrographic and land surveys were conducted. Hazard clearance surveys and offshore positioning for oil field development utilizing Del Norte Trisponder and GPS were conducted for the development of Cook Inlet Oil Fields and in the Beaufort Sea, Alaska. Conducted a GPS location survey of a 12 mile ice road near Flaxman Island in the Beaufort Sea, Alaska. This survey included a through the ice, offshore clearance survey using a Mesotech Scanning Sonar to provide bottom profiles and bathymetry. Conducted several miles of beach profiles and hydrographic surveys for the planning and preparation of the Beach Nourishment program for the North Slope Borough.

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