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Multibeam and Side Scan Sonar Animations
In this movie, a survey ship uses a multibeam sonar to measure the depth of the seafloor. These depth measurements are then used to created rainbow-colored maps. In general, red is used to show shallow depths and blue or purple for deeper depths. Can you see the shallowest point the ship surveyed?

Movie credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

You may need to download:

Image of NOAA ship surveying with multibeam sonar.

Download movie (.mov) here.
In this movie, a survey ship uses a multibeam sonar and a side scan sonar. Multibeam measures the deth of the sea floor and the side scan identifies items on the sea floor. Scientists use the multibeam soundings to create rainbow-colored maps that depict the depth of the seafloor. The side scan sonar paints a black and white image.

Movie credit: U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office

You may need to download:

    Windows Media Player
Image of ship surveying with multibeam and side scan sonar

Download movie (.avi) here.
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