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Naval Oceanographic Office
NAVOCEANO logo The Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVOCEANO), located at John C. Stennis Space Center in south Mississippi, is comprised of approximately 1,100 civilian, military and contract personnel responsible for providing oceanographic products and services to all elements within the Department of Defense.

NAVOCEANO acquires and analyzes global ocean and littoral data to provide specialized, operationally significant products and services for military and civilian, national and international customers. Utilizing airborne, surface and subsurface platforms deployed worldwide, remote-sensing satellites and seaborne buoys, NAVOCEANO data are converted into products that are tailored to specific military needs. These products and services support virtually every type of Fleet operation by providing mission essential information.

NAVOCEANO field units conduct hydrographic surveys in support of military requirements. In foreign waters, these surveys may be used to update NGA paper charts and Digital Nautical Charts. Occasionally, NAVOCEANO field units will conduct hydrographic surveys in U.S. territorial waters. These surveys may be furnished to NOAA for application to NOAA’s nautical charts. NAVOCEANO has the capability to conduct classic vessel-based hydrographic surveys as well as airborne surveys.

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