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NOAA Certification of Nautical Charting Products

NOAA has a Quality Assurance Program that is equally available to all applicants, under which NOAA may certify hydrographic products that satisfy standards promulgated by NOAA. "Hydrographic products'' are any publicly or commercially available products produced by a non-federal entity that include or display hydrographic data.

NOAA established procedures by which hydrographic products are proposed for certification; by which standards and compliance tests are developed, adopted, and applied for those products; and by which certification may be awarded or denied. The diagram below shows the flow of events for products submitted under the program.

Entities interested in this certification program can find details, including instructions on how to apply at: http://edocket.access.gpo.gov/2005/05-133.htm

NOAA Quality Assurance and Certification Program

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