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John Nyberg presents at NOAA Industry Day 2017
John Nyberg, chief of the Marine Chart Division, presents the National Charting Plan at NOAA Industry Day 2017.

October 12, 2017

Hello Coast Survey,

Last week, many of us here in Coast Survey attended NOAA Industry Day 2017, held in conjunction with the Annapolis Boat Show. We organized this event to demonstrate the vast amount of NOAA data and models available to software developers, particularly those who design applications for recreational boaters. After the NOAA presentation session, attendees had the chance to talk with our scientists one-on-one to brainstorm ideas and ask questions. This event was a huge success and I would like to extend a big thank you to the presenters as well as the staff responsible for organizing the event, including Christy Fandel, Sam De Bow, and Erica Towle. It was a great reminder of the talent we have in Coast Survey and the incredible datasets we collect and maintain. I see an enormous amount of potential for forward-leaning public-private partnerships in our future.

I also want to acknowledge those involved in Coast Survey's response to Hurricane Nate, which hit Gulfport, MS, as a Category 1 storm over the past weekend. NRT2 and NRT4 were in Gulfport, Mississippi, and Pensacola, Florida, doing surveys, and I want to convey my thanks and appreciation for their quick deployment and around-the-clock work.

Rear Admiral Shepard M. Smith
Rear Admiral Shepard M. Smith

NOAA Ship Rainier surveys Channel Islands to support safe navigation and habitat mapping

Ensign Levano, Lt. Clos, and  Kirk Perry on board NOAA Ship Rainier.
Ensign Levano, Lt. Clos (acting XO), and Kirk Perry (lead
fisherman) at morning safety meeting before deploying
survey launches near San Miguel Island.
NOAA Ship Rainier recently arrived off the Santa Barbara coast to complete hydrographic surveys at NOAA’s Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary (CINMS) as part of the Southern California Seafloor Mapping Initiative. Over the next month, the ship will use their new multibeam echo sounders to support safe navigation and update nautical charts for the sanctuary. In addition to providing data for crucial nautical chart updates, the surveys will also generate backscatter imagery, which the sanctuary uses for habitat mapping. Read more on the Coast Survey blog. For further information, contact Michelle.Levano@noaa.gov.

Congressional visit in Charleston Harbor

Lt. j.g. Patrick Debroisse, Captain Ryan Schuman (civilian captain of the Catlett), and Lt. j.g. Sarah Chappel.
Southeast navigation manager, Kyle Ward, meets with
congressional representatives in Charleston Harbor.
Kyle Ward, southeast navigation manager, met with Representatives Sanford (R-SC), Shuster (R-PA), Denham (R-CA), and Joyce (R-OH) aboard a U.S. Coast Guard response boat in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. Kyle highlighted Coast Survey's recent hydrographic work in Charleston harbor as well as the Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System's (PORTS®) two air gap sensors. For further information, contact Kyle.Ward@noaa.gov.

Coast Survey hosts annual ocean modeling workshop

FVCOM workshop attendees.
FVCOM workshop in Silver Spring, MD.
Coast Survey Development Lab (CSDL) and NOAA's Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS) hosted a Finite Volume Community Ocean Model (FVCOM) workshop on September 28-29. FVCOM is one of the hydrodynamic models used by NOAA for operational coastal ocean modeling. Changsheng Chen and Bob Beardsley, of the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth, visit NOAA annually for this workshop to coordinate closely with NOAA modelers on FVCOM model applications that are being developed, tested, and transitioned to operations at NOAA. Workshop participants included CSDL’s Coastal Marine Modeling Branch, CO-OPS’ Oceanographic Division, the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, NWS’ Office of Water Prediction, and Remote Sensing Solutions. For more information, contact Edward.Myers@noaa.gov.
Redesigned Coast Survey website coming in early November

Newly designed website homepage
Redesigned nauticalcharts.noaa.gov homepage.
The Coast Survey web rebuild team is on its way to deploying a new nauticalcharts.noaa.gov website by early November 2017. This upgrade will feature a completely new look and feel, as well as organize information, products, and services in a way that make it easier for the public and other partners to use. In addition to improved look and feel, the new website will address several NOAA and NOS requirements for websites, such as Section 508 compliance and compatibility for the visually impaired. The new site is also fully compatible with mobile devices, with its new, responsive design. Many folks are involved in this effort across Coast Survey, including David Barglow, Saron Desta, and Thanh Pham (CSDL/ITSB), Kristen Crossett (Communications), Scott Sherman and Lucy Hick (NSD), Colby Harmon (MCD), Tyanne Faulkes (HSD), and Georgios Britzolakis (CSDL). For more information, contact Neeraj.Saraf@noaa.gov.
Project highlight: Gulf of Maine Operational Forecast System

Gulf of Maine Operational Forecast System Results
Sea-surface temperature field produced by a Gulf of
Maine Operational Forecast System test run.
CSDL and CO-OPS have recently completed development and transition of a new operational hydrodynamic model, the Gulf of Maine Operational Forecast System (GoMOFS). GoMOFS will produce real-time nowcast and short-range forecast guidance for water levels, 3-dimensional currents, water temperature, and salinity over the broad Gulf of Maine region. It is designed to support marine navigation, harmful algal bloom forecasting, emergency response, and coastal zone management. The system domain covers the Gulf region, including eastern Long Island Sound, the Gulf of Maine/Georges Bank, and the coast of Nova Scotia. GoMOFS uses the Regional Ocean Modeling System as its core hydrodynamic model and is able to resolve coastal ocean hydrodynamic features as fine as 700 m. Results from both the research mode hindcast and the nowcast/forecast test runs have demonstrated that the system performance fully satisfies the design requirements. GoMOFS has been approved for operational implementation by the National Centers for Enviornmental Prediction (NCEP) and is undergoing pre-operational tests on the NCEP high-performance computing system. It will begin operational production in early FY18. For further information, contact Zizang.Yang@noaa.gov.

Coast Survey concludes Hurricane Maria response in Puerto Rico

Poster of NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson's response efforts following Hurricane Maria.
Poster of NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson's response efforts
following Hurricane Maria.
NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson spent the last three weeks in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands surveying ports and bays in response to Hurricane Maria. Over the three week period, the crew surveyed 13 areas and no fewer than 18 individual port facilities, as well as conducted emergency repairs to three tide and weather stations. PS Doug Wood from Coast Survey's Hydrographic Surveys Division and Cmdr. Chris van Westendorp, commanding officer of NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson, compiled a poster highlighting all of the areas they surveyed. For more information, contact Douglas.Wood@noaa.gov.

Coast Survey responds to Hurricane Nate

Hurricane Nate GOES Satellite image.
Hurricane Nate GOES Satellite image on October 7, 2017.
Hurricane Nate made its second landfall as a Category 1 hurricane near Biloxi, Mississippi in the early hours of October 8, 2017. In response, NOAA Office of Coast Survey deployed two navigation response teams (NRT) to assist with port restoration efforts in Gulfport, Mississippi and Pensacola, Florida. In addition, survey coordination with USCG and USACE was facilitated through Tim Osborn, Central Gulf Coast Navigation Manager, who was stationed in Mobile, AL. NOAA NRT 4 (Dan Jacobs, Erin Diurba, Charles "Wess" Rowland) traveled from Galveston, Texas to complete hydrographic survey work in the port of Gulfport, a container and bulk seaport. Concurrently, NRT 2 (James Kirkpatrick, Lucas Blass, Howard "Howie" Meyers), travelled from Fernandina Beach, Florida to survey the bulk and freight port of Pensacola. For more information, contact James.Crocker@noaa.gov.

NOAA ship, NRT, and contractor operations

Weekly Hydro Ship Activity Report: Week of October 1

NRT 1 - Team is in Mobile, AL. Operations are suspended until the team's training is complete.

NRT 2 - Team is back in Fernandina Beach, FL, after surveying the Pensacola, FL, area following Hurricane Nate. Vessel crossdeck is complete, boat is survey and response ready.

NRT 4 - Team is back in Galveston, TX, after surveying the Gulfport, MS, area following Hurricane Nate. Vessel crossdeck is complete, boat is survey and response ready.

NRT 5 - Team is in New London, CT. Vessel crossdeck is complete, boat is survey and response ready.

Staff Updates

Kenia Allen, ERT, has joined the Formatting and Distribution System (FADS) branch to assist with weekly data processing, data collection, and other tasks. She may be familiar to some, as she worked here previously as a contractor in the Marine Chart Division (MCD) with Enterprise Information Solutions (EIS).

MCD welcomes Mei-Ling Freeman who is moving from CSDL to serve as the NCSII System Manager.

Lt. Cmdr. Meghan McGovern received the NOAA Corps Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal for her dedicated volunteer service supporting the South County Habitat for Humanity in Rhode Island. Over a three-year period, Meghan completed over 100 hours of volunteer work, which included constructing four homes and assisting with the rehabilitation of two additional homes—providing safe and affordable housing for multiple families.
Diversity and Inclusion

On Thursday, October 5, the Coast Survey Diversity and Inclusion Committee hosted a lunchtime tabletop game event. We had a great turnout (including visitors from NGS's Remote Sensing Division) and lots of fun. Even the most novice of players were able to jump right in and play several rounds of Fluxx, Tsuro, and Exploding Kittens. Special thanks to John Macek for spearheading this event and to Mike Brown and Joe Courange for sharing their games and expertise. Look out for another tabletop game event in November!

This is the latest in a series of fun, social, and inclusive activities that the D&I Committee hope to host in order to bring Coast Survey folks together and allow us to share our diverse interests with colleagues. If you have any ideas of events that you would like to host, please contact lucy.hick@noaa.gov or a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.
did you know?

One of the oldest published charts of Coast Survey, Captains Island East and West, details the small town of Saw-pits, CT, before it became Port Chester, NY. Coast Survey produced 1300 sheets of this chart in 1848.

Captains Island East and West chart 1848.
coming up

10/17-10/19 - International Hydrographic Organization Council meeting in Monaco

11/9 - NOS All Hands Meeting at 1 p.m. in Silver Spring. Details for remote participation will be available on the For Employees site a few days before the meeting.

11/16-11/18 - Pacific Hydrographic Branch will be hosting a booth at the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, WA

gis corner

What is the OPEN Data Government Act? Well, it is likely to pass...Read more.

The NOS Story Map highlighting geospatial aspects of each program office is under review. Submit comments on the Coast Survey section to Patrick.Keown@noaa.gov.

Check out National Geodetic Survey's imagery in response to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

Learn more about GIS projects, software, and geospatial initiatives on the NOAA GIS Community page.

Upcoming Conferences:
Esri Ocean GIS Forum, October 31 – November 2 in Redlands, CA

Geoplatform Workshop, October 24 - 25 in Reston, VA

AGU Fall Meeting, December 11 – 15 in New Orleans, LA

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