BIOS for 2024 HSRP Panel Members

HSRP Members

Ms. Mary Paige Abbott Recreational Boating
Dr. Qassim Abdullah Geospatial
Capt. Anuj Chopra Marine Transportation / Risk Management
Capt. Alex E. Cruz Marine Transportation, Vessel Pilotage, Port Administration
Mr. Sean M. Duffy, Sr., Chair, HSRP Dredging, Marine Transportation
Dr. Nicole Elko Water levels
Ms. Sloan Freeman Hydrographic and Shoreline Surveying
Ms. Deanne Hargrave Mapping, Surveying, Geophysical
Ms. Kimberley Holtz Geospatial and Geodetic
Capt. Carolyn J. Kurtz Maritime Pilotage
Dr. Tuba Ozkan-Haller Maritime Research
Mr. Eric Peace Shipping
Ms. Rebecca Quintal Surveying
Ms. Julie Thomas Oceanography
Mr. Nathan Wardwell, Vice Chair, HSRP Geodetic and Surveying

Non-Voting Members

Capt. (ret. NOAA Corps) Andy Armstrong Co-Director, Joint Hydrographic Center, University of New Hampshire
Mr. Brad Kearse Acting Director, National Geodetic Survey, NOS
Dr. Marian Westley Director, Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services, NOS
Dr. Larry Mayer Director, Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping, and CoDirector, Joint Hydrographic Center, University of New Hampshire

Designated Federal Officer (DFO)

RDML Benjamin Evans Designated Federal Officer, HSRP; and Director, Office of Coast Survey, NOS

Alternate Designated Federal Officer (ADFO)

Ms. Ashley Chappell ADFO, HSRP; and Program Director, Integrated Ocean and Coastal Mapping (IOCM), Office of Coast Survey, NOS/NOAA

Call for nominations for new HSRP members

HSRP list of Previous Panel Members Mar2024

Contact Information

For further information please contact:

NOAA Hydrographic Services Review Panel
1315 East-West Highway
SSMC3, N/CS, room 6127
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Revised: 11/3/2020