NOAA makes it easier to submit a comment or report a nautical chart error

On November 16, 2018, NOAA released ASSIST, a new system for submitting questions and reporting nautical chart errors to NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey. ASSIST has a mobile-friendly design and improved user interface that allows customers to access the system conveniently from any device. This new tool replaces Coast Survey’s Inquiry and Discrepancy Management System (IDMS), a database that collected nearly 20,000 comments, inquiries, and discrepancy reports since 2008. ASSIST is available from:
ASSIST offers new features including the ability to:

  • Tag your submission on a NOAA chart, map, or satellite imagery
  • Enter reports from a cell phone or other mobile device
  • Comment or report an error using a single form

These improvements streamline the internal Coast Survey workflow, allowing faster, more efficient responses to customers. ASSIST is available from:

New ASSIST interface.
NOAA Office of Coast Survey’s new ASSIST interface.


2 Replies to “NOAA makes it easier to submit a comment or report a nautical chart error”

  1. Dear NOAA,
    I love what you do, and I support it 100%. You’re scientifically rigorous, comprehensible to the public (rare combination), and do everything you can to be apolitical. What more could one want in a federal agency? The more funding you get, the better. However…
    You took an excellent weather map and broke it. Why??? The new one is really, really awful. You doubt that? I suggest a test to determine which is more useful to the public: put up both maps as equal options. Wait a month, and see which is more used. Thanks.
    Charles W. LeBaron MD
    PS — Did I mention that new map is really, really awful? It is really, really…

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